Obama: Help Our Education.

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I am from a small city were education is not just a problem for me but is a problem to other students and parents. When I was in the six grade I was stuck either sharing a textbook with a student or two, or having to give my textbook or workbook to another student to take home and do their work because our school was not eligible to give us more school supplies. I for one as a Booker high school student love my education. I always said I wanted to be a lawyer,  but when I go to my school library to look more into my career the books are torn or were drawn in. Issues that I want to address do to the lack of education are: the lack of school supplies and poor materials, and the fact that some schools are in bad shape.

In high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools across America there is a lack of education do to the fact that books are torn, schools are in disrepair, when it rains it pours in the inside of schools, mildew, fungus and other bacteria infections grow on the walls within the schools which causes most kids to be sick and miss education that they were already not learning. Parents worry about their children’s poor education .If their education is not good enough they take them out of the school and put them into another school expecting but come to find out that the school is just like the rest. When parents here other parents and teachers talk about this one school their mind starts to think that “Well if my child goes to that school that their will learn more then other kids and are going to be on top”. Wrong. Little do they know all schools are the same? Some schools may have an accurate count of textbooks and workbooks, but through the years those textbooks and workbooks have been spit in, kids drew in them, some put gum on the pages, some even have racial remarks in them, and teachers are smart enough not to throw them away because they know that the school has a budget and can just barely afford new ones.

There are some kids that stay up late and cry with their parents because they want better but can not afford better. Kids across America should be able to go to a school that has decent school supplies. The lack of school supplies does not help when kids don’t have desk to sit in or when books are not decent. The teacher’s blame the current kids in there class for the disgrace of the school books even though it was because of the previous students. I feel as that to avoid confrontation between the kids parents and their teachers that the school should have a back-up plan for school supplies.

Mr. President, What I am asking is, are you eligible to reach out to the schools across America and help them give the kids in their school system a better way of earning their education. Thank You!

Sincerely, Porschea


One response to “Obama: Help Our Education.

  1. Dear, Porschea
    I agree that schools need better school supplies however i think there are other problems as well. The schools budget in general is a problem there are so many budget cuts that teachers are getting smaller salaries and are being cut altogether. The the teachers even need to buy their own paper for their class. our schedule is being changed so that we have 7 periods rather than block scheduling this means that it will be harder to get the amount of credits we need and it will effect our visual performing arts program I think that the president needs to give more money to schools.
    Sincerely, Amanda

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