President Barack Obama,

My name is Stephanie. I attend Booker High School in Sarasota, Fl. I am writing you to inform you about a couple of problems I would love see changed that are a problem in our society.

The first problem I want to see changed is FCAT. FCAT is a test that student have to take every year from third grade to twelfth, it is also a requirement for seniors to pass in order to graduate. FCAT puts a lot of pressure on students. It not only puts pressure on students but also on teachers and parents. Parents want their child to pass and teacher has so much extra to do to get prepared. For the FCAT that’s why half of the things that are on the fcat are not being taught. FCAT should be less important or equal to grades received in class.

The second problem in my society that needs to be changed is health care. Health care is very expensive. Some people never go get check ups or even go to the hospital because it is so expensive. People are dying because they have an illness that can be cured but they don’t have the money to pay for the vaccines. Health care needs to be less expensive for single mothers and fathers and for people that can’t pay for it. Two years ago was my first time going to the doctor and to the dentist in a long time because my mom doesn’t have the money to pay. The insurance hardly covers anything. This why I think health care should be less expensive or maybe even free for the right people.

The third problem is money for college. Many people want to go to college but the only problem is the money for college. Some families have the money to go to college but for me I don’t have the money and I want to go to college. Every student that graduates high school should be allowed to get money for college without having to write essays, having to be eligible etc. Students, not only the eligible and the smart people should be awarded but the willing also. Everyone should have a chance without the money there is no chance. Everyone have the ability to do something only if they put they mind to it, that’s how I know they have the skills to go to college.

In conclusion please take in consideration to help your fellow Americans better our society.


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