Brett- Letter to Obama

Dear President Obama,

I would like to congratulate you on winning the election. Now there are some problems in our economy that I am sure you are aware of, but I want you to see my view and take my reasons into consideration. They are the war in Iraq, school budget cuts, and illegal immigration. These are topics I believe need to be acted upon.
Now I am not all that clear on the war, but I do know that it is trashing Americas reputation. I am not saying we need to take back the troops, but I am saying there needs to be a clear reason for being overseas. September 11th happened a long time ago. That was the reason we sent troops there in the first place. That was then, this is now. And if there is another reason to be in Iraq, it needs to be made clear to the public.
First of all, I would like to bring up the no child gets left behind law. I agree it is a brilliant idea. All children deserve a chance. But, there is this talk of school budget cuts. More children in schools means more supplies needed. Schools need money; don’t take that away from them. No one wants to go to an ill-equipped school. I have heard stories and seen with my own eyes the effects of budget cuts, it is not good Mr. President. If you want to give all children a chance for education, give them a good environment for them to have that chance in.
Finally, and maybe most importantly, I would like to talk to you about illegal immigration. The obvious thing to do to try and stop illegal immigration is to have better and stricter border control. But the real problem isn’t at the border, it is what happens when the slip by and are in our country. Many people believe that if they can make it to our country they can stay. That is wrong. I believe there should be some sort of law enforcement that some how can check people and see if they are legal citizens. I am sorry if I am coming off as a racist because of this but it is what I believe. I understand that many Mexicans, Cubans and other races need to come to America to get good jobs to make livings for their families, but if they want to come they can do it legally.
These are just three of many problems in our society that YOU, the President of the United States of America, have the power to change. The war in Iraq, School budget cuts, and illegal immigration, are just the ones I feel are most important at this time. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I hope you can also take the time to think about and consider my opinions, as I’m sure you probably have thought much on these topics already. Thank you and again, congratulations.




One response to “Brett- Letter to Obama

  1. I love the way you talked about each topic.

    Great details and ideas

    The wording was very powerful and effective.

    Hope he reads this letter.


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