Nathalie Against Abortion

Dear President-Elect Obama,

There are many things in this world that needs to be changed. Our lives are changing and people are too. The one most important thing to change is the law on abortion. Abortion is one of the worst things a person can do in their life. It’s irresponsible. It kills lives that could have been. It also hurts the people that have it done.

One reason I believe that abortion should be illegal is because it is irresponsible. This should not be a way to get out of a situation. If you get pregnant then you should go through with it. It isn’t fair to the unborn life and it is selfish. Many people want to have their own children, but for some reason they can’t, and people that can have their own children take it for granted and don’t even think twice before they have the abortion.

Abortion kills human lives. No one wants to be a killer, but people have abortions anyways. Killing is not right and people have them like its nothing. Think about all the lives that have been lost because of selfish irresponsible people. They don’t have to do this; they could give the baby away to someone that wants one. People need to be smart about the things they do and think about the people they hurt.

Another thing is that it not only kills the baby that would have been, but it also hurts the person who has it done. Abortions are also painful. Who wants to go through that pain? They will also have to live the rest of their life knowing what they did and how unfair it was. They’ll be living with a killer; themselves. But what happens when they decide that they want to have their own children in the future and find out that they can not have any? That alone will kill them inside. Personally, in my family, a relative became pregnant after a rape, and she kept her baby, married and the family is doing fine. I think with the proper support, many unwanted babies could grow up in happy homes.

I believe that abortion should be illegal. It is a wrong thing to do. It’s an irresponsible way to get out of a problem and selfish. It kills human lives. It also hurts the people that have it done. It’s painful and hurts the people around them as well. A life is too precious to throw away, please do not support abortion, it kills American lives.


4 responses to “Nathalie Against Abortion

  1. I don’t believe it’s irresponsible to have an abortion. Most people think long and hard before having one, it isn’t an easy decision and people certainly don’t have abortions “like it’s nothing”.
    It may be true that abortions are painful, but child birth holds a much greater degree of pain, and is more dangerous. However, if abortion were illegal, do you think it would stop people from having them? Instead of abortion being in the hands of skilled professionals were danger is minimalized, it would be in the hands of criminals and be performed in back alleys. All this does is turn ordinarily law abiding citizens into criminals. I believe that abortion should be a right. It doesn’t kill a human life, it just stops one from being created. Once the fetus is well developed it should be illegal, but if it doesn’t even have a heart yet and is just a bunch of cells, how could it be a human life? It all really depends on your religion, but theres a seperation of Church and State so religion should have nothing to do with the matter.

  2. I agree with you Abortion is a very bad thing and should be illegal but under certain reasons. If you just getting an Abortion because you dont want to have a kid at your age then you shouldnt be aloud, because all your doing is taking the easy way out. But under the reason if you were raped by a family member/ someone else then you should be aloud to. Now I understand the part of your family member having the child from rape, but in different cases people dont want to be reminded of that pain that was brought to them. KIDS are the future and they are being killed off like nothing because of teens making dumb choices and chosing to have an abortion because they dont wanna deal with the responseblity of there stupid choice to have unprotected sex. Also I support your views very strongly keep your voice heard and stand up people will listen if you keep your opinion strong and loud. PRO-LIFE

  3. I totally agree on so many levels abortion is wrong and it is painfully. I personally have never gone through but I know some one that works for an OBGYN and they told me that the doctor at planned parent hood here in sarasota doesn’t finish the procedure and girls end up having infections and having to have whole hysterectimies because of it. It’s unfair and it makes us murderes.

  4. Nathalie,
    I strongly dissagree with you on your opinion towards abortion. Please don’t be offended by what I am about to present to you-it’s merely a different perspective I hope you can ponder and take into serious consideration.
    First of all- when you said that people who have abortions are irresponsible, I think that’s pretty rude. Sure, some people don’t take sex seriously, but that doesnt mean that every girl who gets an abortion is just fooling around and having reckless fun. Accidents do happen.
    Another thing I don’t agree with is how you said,

    “Don’t even think twice before they have the abortion.”

    I don’t understand how you could think that a girl having an abortion wouldn’t understand the weight of her descision. Reckless or not, that girl is pregnant, of course she’s going to think about it thoroughly. I think that you seem to have in your mind that someone getting an abortion is a dumb teenage girl- when that is just one end of the spectrum. I feel like you can’t judge someone the way you do. You have no idea of their circumstances-you have no idea what could push them towards that descision. If I wanted to get an abortion, why should I be denied that right just because you-someone who doesnt even know me- doesnt agree with it. Why should you have a say over my life-my body? And just think about the harm that would be caused by illegalizing abortion. If a girl were to get caught, and keep in mind you are calling her a killer, how do you think she should be punished Nathalie? Should she be thrown in jail for homicide at fifteen? Do you really think that’s fair?
    I know this comment sounds pretty heated- but I just find myself getting passionate about this. Please dont take all of this the wrong way. I’m not attacking you or anything. I just want you to think about some opposing views and consider them, seriously. Because someday we’ll both grow up and have the chance to vote for this particular issue, and I feel like it’s important for us to be well informed, from both sides.

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