Manuel Writes

Dear President Elect Obama,

It has come to my attention that there are some very important issues in the U.S. and I am concerned.  Some of my concerns are the economy , immigration and also, like many other people my age, abortion. The school I go to, Booker High School, is unlike any typical high school.

Booker is packed with many different people with lots of talent and cultures. This is probably because of our Visual and Performing Arts Program.
The reason why I brought up my school is because eventually the majority of these talented kids are going to want to go to a good college to hopefully pursue a career in which they can use their talents in their every day lives. Unfortunately since our economy is in a downward spiral and looks like it would never stop falling , this lowers our chances of actually being able to afford to go to a good college or school to fallow are dreams. I am in a program called SCTI. It’s a program and also a school where students with good grades and the time to want to learn, they can go their and fallow their dream. I go their for auto mechanic tech and I am  going there every day so that I can follow my dream goal and be a mechanic but I only get two years free there even though that’s good, I want to go to a college which its expansive. Our economy is sucking the money out of this country’ and out of our hands and pockets  there’s no way around it. Sure there are scholarships, but I’m not sure a  3,000 dollars will do that much. Who knows, maybe there are better scholarships but what if I don’t get them. Then what will I do?  My grades are ok, I get A’s and B’s but I’m not anything special. I am definitely not gifted  to go into an honors program which I would like to be in because I like to try new things in life im an opened kind of person, but I do try in school and strive to get at least A’s- c’s. Even so, I am still worried I won’t get into my dream college. Our economy- we need to work on it for the sake of our teenager’s and everyone’s future or else everyone is just going to quit on life because of the economy and quit is not in my vocabulary I try and never give up on my dream or life.

Another subject that I would like to talk about is immigration. I know that it’s a big issue in this nation but what can I say every one comes to this country for the American Dream. But what is the American Dream? It’s a place we called United States and where any person can come and work live life take care of their kids do what they got to do but in a positive way. Not steeling or committing murders or any thing in that way. People come here because in their country’s they are running from what’s keeping them from or getting to their dream and that’s why so many people come here so that they can get to their dream. But theirs laws!!! Only certain people can get a license or social security #. But those things are what are keeping people from their dream because without any of those things how can you get a job or a place to live and that’s making it harder on them. You never know an immigrant that can’t get his license or ss# to go to school or get a job to support himself or his family is the person that can cure aids or another dangerous disease like that how would you ever find out if you don’t “give them a chance in life”.

These are major issues in this nation that hopefully you can fix and help everyone and everybody in many ways that you don’t even imagine. This nation needs a lot of work right know and I hope that you can come and help and be a good thing that happened to this nation.

Manuel P.


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