Illegal Immigrants

Dear President Obama

I first want to start off by congratulating you for becoming the first African American president of the United States of America. But as the new President you now have bigger responsibilities to better our country and you are going to have a world of issues to deal with but there is on in particular issue that I would like to talk to you about which is Immigration. I think immigration laws should change because immigrants have a hard time finding jobs, and even trying to get into college, I also think that immigrants should be able to vote.

One of the major problems that illegal immigrants have is finding a job. Immigrants today cannot find a job because they don’t have a social security number and without that companies won’t take workers without their social security number. And if they don’t get jobs then they won’t have any income to live. I can personally relate to immigrants having a hard time finding jobs because my parents came from Mexico and they have told me stories about how they struggled to find jobs when they first got here because they didn’t have any papers or their social security number in order to be able to work. So you as our next president can change this and help immigrants out.

Another problem that illegal immigrants have is that they are not allowed to vote. I think that immigrants should have the right to vote because America is the Land of the free but immigration laws are not allowing immigrants to vote. I also think that immigrants should be able to vote is because we pay as much taxes as an American citizen does.

Illegal Immigrants just don’t have a problem with finding a job they also have a hard time getting into a college. I personally think that anyone that wants to continue their education after high school shouldn’t have a problem getting into a college. But immigrants can’t because colleges don’t accept applications from immigrants. And if an immigrant does get accepted into a college they can’t get a student loan to help to pay for college. So if the immigration laws were to change then immigrants would have to worry less about having a difficult time trying to get into a college.

I hope that as the President of the Untied States you will take your time to consider the immigration laws and change them so immigrants can live in America without having a hard time finding a job or getting into a college.



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