Manuel Writes…

Dear Mr. President,

I am glad that you were elected as the next president because, this country needs improvement and I really think that you are the right person to steer the country back on track before a big disaster occurs. It’s not going to be easy because there are a lot of problems. We have war, immigration, and big economic problems.

The war in Iraq is costing A LOT of money and we still are losing soldiers! I’m not against the war but I am against how it is bringing this country down. I think that we should have taken our soldiers out of Iraq once Hussein was eliminated. I really don’t understand why we are still over there; I guess we’re rebuilding what we destroyed or training Iraq’s military personnel. I trust that you have a good plan for the war problems and that is going to work as planned.

Another problem that we have is the immigration problem. Money is getting spent on the diving The U.S. and Mexico and it is not cheap, and there are people who are still getting over here illegally. The immigration problem is not only on the Mexican-American border there are immigrants coming to the U.S. illegally from all over the world, but people think that the main problem is in the Mexican border because that’s where most immigrants come from. Most of these people that come to the U.S. come in search of a better future and to help out their families. I’ll admit it there is people who just come here and waste their life in drugs and stuff but the majority is not like that. If only there was an Amnesty for those hard working people who can prove that they’ve been working for a long time it would help this problem out.

The Economy is something that’s going down hill these days witch is obviously not good. Plenty of people have lost their jobs already and I bet more jobs are to be lost, and with these high prices and inflation still in play it could be a difficult thing for some families. I honestly don’t know much about the economy but even as a young adult I can tell that this country is in a big crisis right now, but our country is not the only country we are in a global economic crisis and something needs to be done quickly before it really becomes a disaster.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again I think you Mr. President-Elect Obama are the perfect person to help out thing country get back on track I know you have some good plans for this country but it will take time for them to work.


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