A Better America

Dear President Barack Obama,

I would like to address some issues that have come to my concern. These issues are gay rights, health care, and education.

Gay rights in the United States are a big deal and an even bigger issue. I feel that it is nobody’s right to take away his or her choice to get married, even if it is to the same sex. They have feelings too! Imagine someone telling you that you couldn’t marry your wife! Wouldn’t you be upset? To me love is love no matter what sex that person is attracted to. People say that it’s not how god made it, but yet they don’t know how these people feel about god. How can someone’s religion have such an impact to a society? Gays getting married have nothing to do with other people. They aren’t going around and telling other people to do it. So what does it matter?

My second issue would be the health care of a lot of people in America. With the economy people have to go without health care because they can’t afford it. Some people have so much debt that they don’t even have the money to pay the high costs. Some single parents are struggling to keep food on the table so they have to choose between feeding their children or taking them for their check up at the doctor. Children that go without health care have toothaches and most of the time they have to deal with it, and bare the pain. Also they may get really sick and can’t get treated, and then what happens?

Education in my city is very well talked about from the teachers, our parents, and some motivational speakers. Everyone wonders why we have such a big number in dropout rates. Well maybe if the children were inspired to go to school and if school actually focused more on what those children want to do in school and what they want out of life, the numbers would drop. The textbooks that we are using in my school are very old and some of them are written in and torn. It makes me very frustrated and I hate using them. Money is granted to the schools, but most of the money goes to the richer schools. How are the less fortunate schools supposed to improve scores on standardized tests if they don’t have the resources and technology they need to do so?

I just want to see a change for the better in our country. I want everything to be good and affordable for everybody, not just certain people. By taking notice of gay rights, health care, and education, it just may be possible.




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