Letter To The President

Dear President Obama,

I believe that we could and should have a better education system. My name is Cherlinda and I attend Booker High School. I am a freshman and I don’t feel I’m getting the best education I possibly can. I’m aware that my education would be much better if I was supplied with all the tools I needed. On a different topic, I fear that the ability to obtain a gun has become way too easy. It frightens me to think that if I decide to walk to a store or something, I could be held at gunpoint.

I believe that I should not have to carry around 3 sets of text books everyday. I would greatly like for there to be a classroom set of text books in all my classrooms. Another important issue I feel that needs to be addressed is that in some classes, I actually feel like we don’t utilize all the tools that we do have. I love that there are people who dedicate their lives to teaching, which is why I have so much respect for a lot of my teachers, but sometimes I feel like teachers could sometimes emphasize the use of the technology we have. I like the fact that in my English class, our teacher Ms. Harvey lets us use computers just about everyday. Whether it’s for research or typing up an essay or story, we make sure to take advantage of and use the internet greatly. The internet makes everything a little easier. Whether it’s for a research project or just stumbling, the internet is there for everyone’s exploration uses.

Now, to the issue I have about guns. They are just too easily obtained by anyone. It seems to me that if someone would want to acquire a gun, they could easily do it, assuming they know the right people. Some may find this useful, but I on the other hand find this dreadful and it is! To be able to just get a gun whenever you feel like it is appalling. Guns are supposed to made to protect people, not to frighten them because they called you some silly name. When it comes to solving issues I would rather someone solve it with their fist rather than a gun or in fact I would prefer to find a common ground and just peacefully work out the problem. Guns should be used in high risk situations such as life or death not fight or flight. I think the amount of violence in the world would decrease greatly if there were more gun restrictions.

I know you are the President of the United States and you are very busy and to you these issues may seem diminutive, but they aren’t. They affect everyday life of many people. Getting a better education in school can benefit many people. I remember many adults have told me that “Knowledge is Power”, but to gain knowledge I’m sure they meant that you would need an education of some sort. I know there may be things a little higher on your priority list, but I recommend and ask of you to add these to somewhere near the top of that list.

Hoping you’ll consider these issues,



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