The New Change

Dear Barack Obama,

There are many issues that need to be addressed in this country of ours. However, I have chosen only a few to discuss in this letter. My concern deals with health care pertaining to children and adults, secondary education, and the financial deficit that affects the nation. I selected these particular issues because they affect my life and the life of teens my age, along with our future generations. If we can resolve these issues now, we can guarantee a bright future for our generation and generations to come.

High schools in general are having problems that concern the allocation of funds for books, computers, school repairs, trips, etc. For example, my school, Booker High, is holding a referendum on whether or not to have block scheduling. If the results do not favor block scheduling for next year, our school will save a lot of money and, due to the loss in federal funds; this will help the school tremendously.

Right now, I am in ninth grade and preparing for college. As known colleges are become more expensive, more people can’t afford to pay for 4 to 12 years of college. This is when scholarships and grants come in, assisting students with the financial burdens of college. Nonetheless, one may also apply for loans for books and other necessities. Often times, these loans become debts that add interest and soon place you in a financial deficit.

Yet, before the cost of college occurs to one’s mind, college acceptance is slimmer these days. Some colleges look for a 4.0 GPA overall and a certain amount of volunteer hours. Colleges are looking for criteria such as this and for their standards to be reached, if not excelled.

Health is very important to my family and I, and we do as much as possible to follow up on the latest news. I strongly believe that every citizen should be provided with medical assistance. Medicare is provided for less fortunate individuals. What about seniors and the disabled? For one thing, some seniors have not retired because of lower social security benefits. Health insurance is also an issue that faces seniors, the middle and lower classes. No one deserves to go without coverage. Personally, I have lost a close loved one because she was not given medical treatment of any kind; no check-ups or annual physicals. It was not until the day that she because very ill that she was seen by a doctor. I don’t wish to bear witness of such a tragedy to another family. This is the time to take action and provide health care and required physicals for each person.

The loss of money is the reason why social security funds have decreased, why school are losing school funds, why taxes are rising, why health care is not guaranteed, and scholarships and grants are somewhat limited. The financial deficit is why some students won’t get into the college of the choice and why seniors will not be able to retire. Our whole economy has been affected by this national debt. People have lost their jobs or can’t afford to pay mortgage or rent, leaving them in a tight position. No one should ever be placed in that dilemma. I think if we place our economy on a “budget”, we’ll be able to regain and reestablish a stable economy. To me, war is completely unnecessary and extremely costly. This war has cost the country over 60 billion dollars towards weaponry and army supplies alone. Why are we spending money for a war when there are schools that are being shut down and hospitals that can’t provide quality medical assistance?

As you know, our country has been going through a financial problem that affects our schools and medical help in our country. Now to repair this situation present in the U.S., we must cooperate with each other and believe in our new president. It is time for a change.


Kayla C


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