Detriments to Humanity

Dear President Barack Obama

To start off I am very pleased with your victory in becoming our new president. I have concerns that I hope you will be kind enough to pay respect to. I would like to mention problems with marijuana, gay rights , and global warming that are making great consequences for our country.

Personally I have never understood why alcohol, a toxic synthetic substance that kills many people annually can be legal while marijuana, a natural green herb can remain illegal. I tend to believe that politicians have gotten the two substances mixed up. Marijuana has never killed anyone according to records and be a very useful medicine to patients diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, different forms of cancer, and Glaucoma. Marijuana makes people peaceful while alcohol makes people very angry or even violent at times.

Also the leaves of the cannabis plant reflect UVB sun rays and protect our ozone layer.

Marijuana should be legalized as soon as possible.

I have never understood why some people fear gay people having their own rights. They are just the same as normal straight people. I find it very disappointing that until the late 1960’s in America being gay was recognized as a mental problem. Gay people should have legal benefits, financial benefits, military rights, and most of all the right to marry each other.

Global warming will have terrifying effects on the world if we do not stop it as soon as possible. Sea levels may rise feet in short periods of time if we continue to allow the polar ice caps melt. Much of Florida could be washed away. The government and people should decrease their carbon footprint, stop their addiction to oil, start extracting water from salt water, and create massive recycle programs.

I hope these issues change because if they don’t they will set the human race back a step.

Thank you very much Mr. Obama for reading my letter.

Sincerely, Andrew B.


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