Lesa’s letter to the President

Dear President Obama,

I’d like to congratulate you on becoming President of United States. That’s a great achievement. Of course being a President isn’t easy, you’re expected to do many things and I’m sure your aware of that. I have a couple of concerns that no one seems to take seriously and theses issues have been going on for far to long. One of the biggest issues of middle and high school students is that school’s focus so much on standardize testing, once we leave for college that’s all we are going to know how to do. Also with economy going down the drain, schools and companies have been cutting back a lot of supplies. I want too see change.

I’m a junior in high school and from 6th to 10th grade all my classes were teaching to FCAT. They made it the most important subject to learn over anything else. I think it’s very unfair that we dedicate all of your time to a test. Personally, I’m not very good at math and I always had math the 2nd semester so I never got the chance to learn all that I needed for the FCAT because we wouldn’t even be in the middle of the chapters. Of course after the FCAT, I learned what I needed to take the test but it was too late. I think school’s, especially high schools, should teach towards all major aspects college. Even if students weren’t going to college they could get some benefit from what they learn. For instance, I’ve learned at least 5 different ways to write an essay and every time I learn a new way its not the right way so yet again I learn another way to write. School’s need to organize their time and what they teach so that they help out the student, not just the school. If we don’t, we will always be thinking to do things the “FCAT” way.

Unfortunately we are all hit by the economic crisis in the nation. Whether it’s your company, your work or even your school. I know in my life, both had to cut back on so many supplies because its too much money and we don’t have enough anymore. My school has to cut back on events, field trips, dances, and supplies for our Visual Performing Arts classes. For example, I have a lot of friends in the Art program that can’t have drawing kits, or not as many as before. I’m in the Theatre program and we barely have enough money for sets and we have to make our costumes from scratch instead of going out to buy them. These issues go into classrooms as well, some schools can’t have computers because they don’t have the right network or money, some don’t get the air condition which is a huge problem in Florida, and we don’t have enough books for everyone. These problems can be fixed easily, but the school board doesn’t think it’s a big enough issue. It is though if its keeping you from learning. Also, I work as a server in a diner but recently we’ve had to cut back on a lot of food. A couple of examples are that we don’t have a lot of milk in the fridge and barely enough fruit to give out. I’m sure we aren’t the only company that’s had to cut back on supplies but it shouldn’t have to happen.

President Obama, many people voted for you because you promised change. These are just some of the few changes we all need in our lives. They made not be huge, but they would big impact on how we go about our life. Unfortunately money makes the world go ’round and without it, we can’t do much. I want to see an end to cut backs, losing supplies and schools giving better education for students and not basing everything on a test. I want too see change and I’m not the only one


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