Mr. President, may I have some spare change?

Dear  President Obama,

I have a bone to pick  with you…Okay, here’s how it goes… we need change, big time. You say you got it, well here’s some suggestions.
•            Okay the big 3 auto makers, bail them out, tell them to cut the big CEO’s and   higher officials pay, make them make much more fuel efficient cars, or cars that use no fuel at all.
Get the big business out of “the peoples” government. Our government system looks great on paper. But when you start voting in people who are greedy and easily malleable, our government crumbles. Our government lies, dodges, ducks and avoids the truth but the truth is, our government is a big money machine. We need to straighten out the crooked governors and officials who are being paid “under the table”
The voting machines, fix them! If you’ve ever heard of a little group called Black Box Organization they’ll help you, they have showed how 20,000 votes in a predominantly black community in northern Florida were thrown out in the 2000 and 2004 election because they couldn’t match the votes, they’ll explain to you about negative votes, government papers being thrown out way too early… I’m not saying you cheated or any of that, but just stop anyone else from doing it….
The legalization of marijuana. Did you know California’s number one cash crop isn’t grapes, it’s marijuana? Did you know CIA operatives have came out recently and said how they ship pot from south American country’s to USA, so they can make more money? The taxpayers pay 18.5 billion dollars (as of 2007) to stop drugs from getting in this country and over 80% of the drugs shipped in make it. I don’t think that we should be stopping the use of marijuana or “shrooms” completely. I think that we should make it legal to buy at some certain age like 21 or 25. Let’s think of the things that legalizing pot would do, it would stop the useless spending of about 1 billion dollars, and it would keep it out of the kid’s hands better because the average drug dealer doesn’t I.D people but store clerks would. The government could tax the herb and make billions of dollars on it.
Environment, what a subject… personally I think we are depending on oil way too much and the government is stopping the other types of oil from becoming predominant because the government knows they make billions of dollars off of oil and gas, so I think you should fix the government and smarten up. Stop using foreign oil, stop using our oil and use America’s other resources (the renewable ones) we could use the sun all over the country to power or homes, we could put windmills all over the great plains of America, we could use double helix wind catches in the bigger cities. Our environment is declining, we need change, the change you offered. And we have the resources to do it! So please, try that one out.
        Gay rights, well I don’t know this sort of reminds me of a period in life where people were getting their constitutional rights taken away, I think it was called segregation and it’s happened to almost races and color. Now the country who is so great and pristine is doing it again, we must give the gay’s their rights of marriage and rights to be able to gain. It’s just unconstitutional not to.
I think I just extensively outlined how you can fix our country. So please try to do what I said? Thanks and good luck.

-Miles M., Sarasota, Florida.


3 responses to “Mr. President, may I have some spare change?

  1. Miles M i fully agree with all your points of view on everything,”Our government lies, dodges, ducks and avoids the truth but the truth is, our government is a big money machine.” I think that is one of the most important sentence’s that you made and its the truth thats why I like.

  2. Well i this letter is all over the place you didn’t really stick with one topic and that really confused me. It seems you were agressive with the letter like fix this and that and do this and that like you are telling the president instead of asking him. I think you should go back and reorganize the letter i don’t understand what the issue was that you wanted fixed . Your letter overall was ok and could be a lot better

  3. marquis newell

    I agree with the first comment. You need more structure to this letter. I understand that you have many concerns, but you should pick one topic flow with it from there. Make suggestions not orders.

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