Ronald’s Letter to the President

Dear President Elect Obama,

There are many things going on that need immediate attention and I feel that Immigration and gay rights are two of the most important. These are important if you wish for the economy to succeed.

The first of these issues I wish to cover is immigration; personally I feel there is nothing wrong with illegal immigration. If someone wishes to come over here to do better for themselves who are we to judge them? First-off, wasn’t America born of illegal immigrants coming across from Europe. And if it wasn’t for this “illegal” immigration Americans wouldn’t have a chance to personally experience a different culture. Now they have the ability to become friends with a person from a different culture and have them cook and taste real home cooked food from their country. And then there are the people who claim that the immigrants are taking their jobs but the truth is if these people applied themselves properly then they should be able to get the jobs but the problem is that they are looking for someone else to blame but themselves. The immigrants can’t get jobs that require a college degree so how come Americans aren’t working on getting a degree instead of leading a mediocre life and blaming on the immigrants.

Another issue is gay rights. Gays should have all the same rights anyone else, but because they are different we discriminate against them and take away their rights. Is this not unlike slavery because black peoples’ appearance was different they were discriminated against and their freedom was taken away? Gays are constantly being discriminated against and we take control of them by telling them that they can’t marry the same sex or that they aren’t allowed to adopt. What gives us the right to tell people who they are allowed to love, or that a gay house is not a proper home for a child? Also the church shouldn’t even get involved in this. If the gay family is not Christian why should they be told how to live by a religion they don’t belong to that tries to tell them how to live? They are just like us, so why can’t they choose like us?

I think you should pay close attention to these topics and try to do what is right. Everyone has their own choice. We should not judge anybody no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation.


7 responses to “Ronald’s Letter to the President

  1. There is nothing wrong with immigration. There is everything wrong with illegal immigration, however.

    There are limits regarding immigration. Instead of putting the immigrant first, we put the Nation first. We make sure that they are not carrying any sort of disease – imagine someone coming into the country with an untreated touch-transferable disease that our immune systems are not used to fighting against and the medical world is unsure of a vaccine/cure. It’s a big problem. We also want to make sure there is no drug trafficking, terrorist activity, etc. There are a lot of things we need to check and steer clear of.

    Pretend the United States is your house. Now, you have a pretty large house with some nice valuables inside. Are you going to leave the door opened all day? Or would you like to at least know the person before they enter your home? You’d think twice about asking a person on trial for grand larceny to stay the night.

    Immigration is huge. I’m simply naming a few. Immigration to the United States is an excellent article that explains everything in depth and hits a much larger array of topics.

    Also – It’s very common for Natives to be against immigrants. Another great article on Nativistism.

    And, even the people who “paved our roads with gold” had problem seeking employment. Pretty harsh sign, here.

  2. this is right but at the same time wrong. you got to look at different people that are coming into this contry its not just one type of people when i mean one type of people i mean parts of the world .theirs people from places you havent even thinked about who can bring disease that the us dont even know about. i just want to tell every one dont just look at one race of people trying to come over here for a beter life look at different races because they could be the one that can bring this nation down in way we dont even imagein

  3. i think you are right but at the same time wrong. because you cant just look at one race of people when they are trying to come ther for a beter life.

  4. i think you are right but at the same time wrong. you got to look at different races not just one. people come here for a better life.

  5. I understand what you are trying to say about illegal immigrants.People come here to have a better life.But at the same time its wrong how they come here illegaly.Many people are different some are bad and some may be nice.
    Bad people who come here for no reason and are illegal shouldnt be here.But many people who are illegal and work very hard should deserve the best,they have family’s,children who may have a good education.If they are sent back they jsut wasted a whole lifetime for nothing.I believe that immigrants can have a better life her in America and make it a better country.

  6. kiauna harden

    I feel that there are much more important issues in our society today.These issues can be adressed but do not need imediate attention.Things that need to be worked on to help our economy are taxes and unemployability. This author needs to understand that being the president is a hard job and things take time.Nothing will happen IMMEDIATLEY.

  7. Megan Furey 4b

    I have to disagree with you because I think that there is a problem with the immigration, yes, yes this is true that everyone should have equal rights to live in America, but so many pople have immigrated here that it is completely over-populated. The immigrants don’t work for the most part and commit much crime which leads me to believe there is a problem with it…With the gay rights issue, i do agree with you, I think with sexual preference we should be allowed to love whoever we like and Gay’s should have more rights.

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