Vivian’s letter on Education

Dear Barack Obama,

Here are some things that I should spend some time fixing in your first term. I’m a Junior at Booker High School in Florida. I have a lot of concerns about education even though I will be graduating soon. My education is very important to me because without that you won’t get far in life. These are some of my concerns about education as they effect me.

The school cuts are just  way to much. I feel that if we cut any more out of the budget the things that make us come to school will be gone. In some places schools are shutting down. A lot of course are being taken off the curriculum  for many High schools. Nowadays, they are having more trouble trying to afford the things needed to do class or extra activates. Within the last few years many teachers have been cut because they can  no longer afford them. When this happens courses get eliminated because they have no teachers to teach these subjects, which then students beginning losing interest in school.

I feel if there aren’t enough high interest courses, then students won’t be motivated in school. The arts, such as music, drama, drawing, painting and dance are in constant need for funds and these are kinds of class that motivate kids to come to school. However, these are the very programs that are cut when the budget is tight.

Another concern of mine is the technology in schools. First, we don’t have enough computers for all students to have to work on. Some  students cannot afford their own computers or printers, flash drives and paper need to do projects. Schools are always needing to provide for these students. Internet access in our schools is unreliable and slow. Teachers are constantly frustrated when videos they want to show don’t work. Again having computers helps us to do more realistic projects that prepare us for the world.

In conclusion, education the most important issue for our country. The future of all our young people depends on a good education. I hope you will make this a priority.


3 responses to “Vivian’s letter on Education

  1. I like how you addressed budget cuts in the school system.I think that was a very important issue that should have been address awhile back.I feel as if Obama may just be able to help us with that problem. You also addressed technology.Yes, you were right without computers or active boards we don’t get much help with the extra work we get from our schools. You have a very strong mind and thats a good thing , and your conclusion is very demanding and strong.

  2. I agree with Vivian that education should be a strong concern forBarack Obama. I just don’t know if education is the most important issue for the president in these hard economic times.
    There has been many classes cut fom the school that I would rather take. I believe that teachers should be given a pay raise, they teach the minds of the future and their job is very important to society. Schools should also receive more funding so they can have field trips. Good letter, I am glad you have raised this issue to president Obama’s attention.

  3. I agree with you becuase im a freshman and if they keep cutting things from the schools there will be nothing left for me when i graduate.

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