What Changes?

Dear Mr. Obama
As our next president you promise to make this country a better place through hope and change. Change this country definitely needs, but change isn’t always a good thing. In this case, as a person who promises change you have to listen to the people to find out what change is good for them and what changes they want. Support for the arts in school systems needs to be supported by people in the government. Also, my stand on abortion is sort of different than yours but I feel it’s important that you hear it with an open mind.

Studies have shown and proven that musical arts help develop skills in a classroom that a lot of students sometimes miss out on. It improves your finger dexterity, but it also helps to improve the ability to multitask. Most music students tend to have better grades than students who are not musical because they can focus for longer periods of time and with a better quality of focus ( it makes sense you try to play or sing a 75 minute Mozart coronation mass or a 10 minute long piano concerto). I myself am a saxophone player at the Booker High Visual and Performing Arts program in Sarasota, Florida and I feel that my music education is important. and especially music education in middle schools is important. It’s their introduction to music as a thing other than pop idols and rock stars because it’s more than that and kids need to be exposed to real music.

It makes me angry to hear of budget cuts and whole music programs being cut because our tax dollars are being wasted. When violent music is all you hear because your not exposed to the clean and stimulated sounds of a Beethoven sonata or a Tchaikovsky concerto the only thing that can possibly be reaped from that is violence and sex and drug abuse and then we want to complain that the world is spinning out of control at the hands of the young generation of hooligans formerly known as the children of this nation.

But what does it all matter if there’s no more children left to speak of. Those unborn babies, fetal or not, are still innocent and whether you like it or not they are alive. By the time most girls get abortions the babies have already grown finger nails. Mr. Obama these babies have no voice but there are plenty of other that will speak for them and I’m one of them and I’m here to tell you that abortion is murder and as a proclaimed Christian you cannot possibly believe that that is the right thing to do. Yes I know what about rape victims? Actually 70 to 85 percent of rape victim claim that having an abortion would just be another form of ravaging their bodies and choose not to abort. It’s unfair to the unborn child and is degrading to the woman going through it. Her child is literally sucked out of her womb. The only difference between rape and abortion is rape claims your purity and abortion claims your child, willing or not.

As you can tell this country’s got a lot of work that needs to be done and I believe that when you promise change you mean it and it will be well welcomed in the sense that it’s the changes we need. I know this letter will probably make it into the hands of a secretary somewhere and will probably never actually reach Barack Obama but if it does please think about with an open mind these things that I have stated because yes we need change and yes it will give us hope but first we need to decide what changes we need to make.



4 responses to “What Changes?

  1. I agree with all of your views and opinions. As you know I am also in the VPA and i believe music education helps me in academic classes as well. Also about budget cuts, our tax are wasted by stupid decisions by the government. More of those dollars should go to the schools so budget cuts isnt even an issue. And abortion is murder. I completely agree. Everyone deserves a chance in this world and abortion is taking those chances away. To rape victims, adoption is always an option.
    Good support and details
    Great examples
    Good work

  2. I completely agree with your view on music education, kids need to be exposed to all variations of music. It has been proven that musically exposed children do better than others in work. I disagree with you on the abortion issue. I believe that women should have the option of abortion. Its not like the women are forced to have an abortion, ultimately its the women’s choice.

  3. I agree with this person especially on the subject of music. Music is important to me as well and i beleive it does help a student in academics as well as regular life. I should be introduced at a young less stressful age. On the abortion issue discussed in this letter i agree to an extent. Yes, abortion is an unatural and grusom thing to think about, but i di think it’s the womans choice and the womans ONLY. victoria miller

  4. Cassandra,

    Your argument on the fact that schools are doing budget cuts in all the wrong areas is completley correct. I myself am in Vpa and I would be completely devistated if the Vpa program got cut. Music is my life and if the school got rid of that I dont know what I would do. Your opionion on abortion is not exactly what I think is right. Abortion is a nasty thing but I beleive it should always be an option.

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