You Are the Man

Dear President Barack Obama,

We volunteered. We prayed. We celebrated. Congratulations on your historic victory. It’s amazing how a man of your background rose above the ranks to one of the highest positions in our government. You’re living the dream. You have a beautiful family, a new house with a view and a job that can lead our country into a new and bright direction. With this job comes much responsibility, more than your previous political positions have allotted you. I believe that you are the man for the job, however, a few views of yours, the troops coming home and education, are easier said than done.

As a pacifist, I believe that your idea to remove the troops in sixteen months has great incentive but is not practical. I believe that the American people need a thorough and well though out plan as to how we are getting out, and when are we getting out. I thought the reason we were still in the war is to look for the terrorists that destroyed the Twin Towers. If we have tried and executed these people why are we still in Iraq? I believe we should leave a small peace keeping unit just to stabilize the area.

My mother has been a teacher for six years and she is passionate about her job. So when I hear on the news about the economy I worry about the budget cuts that our school system we’ll have to undergo. What’s worse some teachers are getting laid off and I don’t want my mom to be a victim of budget cuts. I am fully aware of the recession which Sarasota has been fortunate to avoid. And I was aware that the school board had to cut money from the budget although I didn’t realize that we had to cut forty million dollars.

Truly amazing that in such a short time a man of your background could become President of the United States. I hope that you can solve my concerns about the war and the economy. I will enjoy watching you during your term. You’re a symbol of hope that with hard work determination and family to help you can accomplish anything.




3 responses to “You Are the Man

  1. I agree. It’s a shame that municipalities are being cut. The President, himself, cannot do anything to save the economy. Just hang in tight and hope for the best. In due time, everything will balance out.

  2. The economy is in a crisis and it’s a shame that forty million dollars have to be cut from the Sarasota County school system. The president alone can not rescue the economy, though. He has entered it at one of its worse states, and it will take time to renew it.

    Breanna B.

  3. Nice Oneyka but I think you need to add a bit more to it. Your topics are great and I agree with you but I think you need to be more convincing.

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