An assortment of issues facing our country

Dear Barack Obama

I would first like to congratulate you on achieving the Presidency of the United States. I agree with many of your policies and ideas, and am proud for a leader like you to have arisen in such a detrimental time in our country. I understand there are many issues you must be attending too, four years is a short time compared with your potential accomplishments. I am hoping to address a few issues with you in hopes that more attention gets paid to them.

Stem cell research, this topic is almost a debate on morality. Basically this is the cultivation and nurture of stem cells, the basic cell of the body. This cell is special however, it can be reproduced to other parts of the body, limbs and organs can be grown for people that need them. This raw material for human tissue will enable scientists to find new treatments for a wide array of diseases. This also lets scientists test potential medicine without risking peoples lives. They can see the positive and negative effects it has by observing the reactions of the cells. Now of course this is not a perfect process, it definitely has its flaws. At the current state of research, these cells must be obtained from a human embryo. If you see of this as murder or not really depends on your ethics or religion. I hope you can make a well thought out solution to this problem, with reasoning not based on religion.

America is ever constantly changing. In only the 1954 segregation laws were abolished, not too long ago. In only 1920 were woman even given the right to vote. Now we are facing another human rights dilemma, gay marriage. These people are denied many of there rights as citizens, and hate groups continue to threaten and hurt them. They are outcasts, not by there choice, but by something natural that occurred at birth. I find it amazing that we do not allow people of gay orientation to marry. It’s supposed an issue of the natural born rights of an American citizen, not religion or the “definition of marriage”. You come from a different background then all the other presidents, and you can understand being a minority. I wish you luck getting through congress if you choose to pursue this problem. America is a country of definite progression, and I am confident we will liberate gays from the legal limits they face.

It is my personal belief that if what you are doing doesn’t harm or affect anyone else in a negative way, you should have the right to do it. Non violent offenders are being imprisoned and jailed next to murderers and rapists. This is because of a single plant, marijuana. This plant is the subject of constant propaganda and ignorance. There are more folks in prison for marijuana than violent crimes. A marijuana grower can land in prison for life without parole while a murderer might be in for eight years. Our indisputably unfair punishments in regards to possession or growth of this plant are unconstitutional to say the least. The greatest reason for all of this is that alcohol and other drug companies don’t want it legalized. They don’t want additional competition, and so this relatively safe recreational drug and the users are discriminated against. How can the government ignore the potential that it has as a cash crop or even a medicine? It is used for cancer chemotherapy, AIDS wasting, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, glaucoma, and many more. Marijuana also produces another substance, hemp, which is cheaper to grow, has a better fabric, softer, warmer and even more water resistant than cotton. It can also effectively be used for paper to help save trees. This combined with the taxing the government would do on it and the diminished costs of the drug war would do substantially well in lowering our national debt, along with a positive outcome to the environment and the American people.

Your time as president will be un doubtfully spent on the great issues of today, the economy, the war and Iraq, and I encourage you to pursue these first. Your priorities as president should be well deserved, and I have hope that you acknowledge some of these as president of the United States.

Good luck and may your presidency prosper,



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