Barack Obama….

Dear President  Barack Obama,

I have some concerns I would like you to consider fixing while you are the president. One thing I am concerned about is global warming I don’t think that we are killing the earth I think we are just killing ourselves also we need to start making cars that are more fuel efficient and find a alternate energy sources.. Another thing that I need you to consider is the war in Iraq. I think we need to pull out there because people’s family members are signing up for war and some are dying and we are spending too much money for this war. My third  thing I need you to do is help our schools we need less budget cuts and their needs to be more money put into the school systems.
•    First Global warming I don’t think we caused it the earth has been heating up for millions of years. There has been four major ice ages in the past so that means that the earth has gotten to extreme temperatures in the past. But I do believe that we are making it come quicker  than they have in past times. To fix this I think we need to make all the cars more fuel efficient or cars that run on compressed air. I Think if you could do that you could cut thousands of  tons of carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere.

•    The war in Iraq I really don’t see that point in this war. I think it is a waste of our time and money. I think that this war is mostly for oil. If you make more fuel efficient cars or cars that ran to another fuel source we wouldn’t need to be fighting this war also it would help with global warming.  Also it is tough on families I know because my cousin and a couple of his friend which have been just like family to me signed up for the army when I heard this news my stomach sank like a brick in the water, so I think you should stop this war so my cousin won’t get hurt or worse…  Also we are spending money we don’t have on this war. We borrowed 3 three trillion dollars ($3,000,000,000,000) that is a lot of zeros. We need to pull out so we can start payng that back.

•    Last but not least our schools need help. With all the budget cuts it is personally hurting my education because we our most likely going to go to seven classes a day instead of block scheduling. Also they are going to cut 60 teachers at my school and I live in Sarasota Florida and we have a big unemployment rate already and this is not going to help any way. Losing 60 teachers will not have a big impact on our crumbling economy but 60 teachers from each school will and if they don’t find a job they will not spend money and it will not circulate into our economy. I also believe that teachers should be a pretty high paying profession because they are molding the minds of our future. Without teachers where would we be? I think that the government should put more money into the school systems.

Mr. Barack Obama I hope that after you read this letter you will try to stop this pointless war, make more fuel-efficient cars, and lend a helping hand to our schools. Thanks you for taking you time to read this letter.




One response to “Barack Obama….

  1. You bring up some really good issues that need to be fixed.But I think Global warming is due to hummans and it its hurting the earth.Although the earth goes in and out of ice ages,the earth shouldn’t be warming up but getting cooler.Aside form that i agree with everything else you’ve said in this letter.

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