Dear President…

Dear President Obama,

There are three issues that are important to me; the war against terror, helping the poor, and gay rights.

My first subject on hand is the war on terror . One of my cousins is going to have four tours this year then he can come home and be safe. But what if when he is there fighting or is bombed and dies I hate that thought and many families in America loathe the thought going across their mind. I wish for our troops to come home as soon as possible make sure you bring them home when you say you will, because if that promise is broken you’ll leave many of us looking the other way or wallowing in doubt. War is always created but never destroyed I know its part of nature but during your presidency I would rather see us in prosperity and peace between our fellow countries than us fighting against them. I’ve read and watched a lot about wars and always in the end there is no victor in the end for the lives lost for there “victory” is a tragic sight to behold. I believe that you should compromise, talk, and listen to those who want to be against us, with us, or even bring up ideas for everyone. But do not make war out of it try and avoid it at all costs, and only to go to war when there is no other outcome.

Everyday I walk or ride my bike to and from school everyday I see people homeless, addicted to something, or that that everlasting glimmer in their eye called hope when knowing that the money in their pocket might be the last. Low lifes is what “they” call them they sometimes sneer in their direction or turn their back ignoring the problem. But

I also see people few really try there best to give these people another tomorrow. Now I’m not the poorest person I’m above poor but under middle class, yet everyday I that people what are poorer than I to have a better life but they some how can’t. I’ve heard people say,” They choose to be poor!” Ya let me tell ya its great to live poor I chose it for a reason. Really? Is that what people think that people chose to be poor? Everyday the parents work to the bone to put food on the table. I know when I was really young my Mom would starve herself just so, I could eat. But that was a time where even then I was happy then again I was only two or three. But life after that it got better because she worked her hardest. But what I want you to think about President Obama is about the people who aren’t so lucky. To have funds where these people have food stamps and as their life gets better the less the food stamp can allow them to have so they don’t become dependant on it. Also for the homeless set out work programs for them where that can get help to get themselves back in society working again and after a couple of years they can have a life of their own.

My last topic is gay rights; now in every generation there is some movement or discrimination against some type of people. Yet it seems we forget that line in the declaration of independence, “-all men are created equal.” Now why can’t this be the same for the homosexuals? The declaration does say ‘all’ it doesn’t say, “well maybe there is an exception”. When people say that gays have no rights to marriage, adoption, and to even to serve in the army. It’s the same as somebody saying you can’t marry that person because they’re Hispanic, white, black or anything for that matter.

Only 19 states allow gay adoption! Even then it takes them a long time to adopt because of the paper work for them. Even when getting married gays aren’t allowed the full rights of a straight couple. There is much discrimination against gays in 2000 the Supreme Court allowed a New Jersey ruling that gay scoutmasters were to be banned from boy scouts. Gays have been outcasts by our older generation but now my generation doesn’t really care we just think we should let them be. I think that even parts of my generation are against it but they might be following their parent’s opinion. All that I ask is that gays have the same exact rights as anyone else just as Marten Luther King Jr. asked the press and government during the civil rights movement of course I’m not in jail or anything.

So, this is the end to my letter. Remember my generation and other generations to come possess the future in our hands but what kind of future? From the people of the world and the U.S. we all hope that you can help us achieve a better future.



2 responses to “Dear President…

  1. Aradia,
    I just finished your letter to President Obama.
    Great job.
    Very insightful. I am sure Ms. Harvey is proud of you. Check your spelling of Martin at the end of your letter. I believe it is spelled incorrectly.

  2. I agree with you about the war and it should stop. I disagree about the poor i think that they can get a job unless the have a dissability. I also think that the gay rights is wrong. Humans are created to love the opoite sex.

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