Letter to Obama from Patty

Dear President Obama,

This past November, Americans proved to each other that we all had a unifying desire for change. It was evident in the faces of my struggling middle class parents, in the restlessness of the younger generation, and the expressions of lost confidence among the elderly. It was clear: we all knew something had to give. I myself have never felt so involved, so passionate about a single cause. I was informed in subjects I had never previously given a passing thought to. I realized the responsibility you are taking on is great, enormous even, that is obvious. I understand that with the state the country is as of now, not every issue is of importance. But, if you could give serious consideration to the issue I will present to you in this letter that is all I ask of you. I don’t expect a major improvement with the controversial topic of abortion anytime soon. But maybe if you take serious measures towards what I consider the right direction, it will inspire future leaders and convince skeptical Americans otherwise.

To be frank, I think it’s ridiculous that upper class white men make most of the decisions regarding abortion. That in itself is a major reason why I believe that there should be serious modifications on how this is all handled. This isn’t a tax policy; we’re arguing whether a human being should be forced into this world against the will of the mother. I myself am pro-choice. But I think you put it best Mr. President. You once said, “No one is pro-abortion.” No one is content with the thought of a possible life being lost. That is why so many people don’t understand why people would support choice. They think that we have no remorse- that we don’t care. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I simply believe that I am the only one who should decide what to do with my body.

Accidents happen. I am a smart girl; I know how to protect myself, as do many of my friends. But not everything always goes the way it should. If something goes wrong with a condom, and I am not ready to have a baby, I feel like I am the only one who knows my circumstances, my morals, and my motives. It just doesn’t make any sense to me that just because my Christian neighbors disapprove of my views, they have a say over what happens to me. In America we boast separation of church and state, but it seems that when it comes down to the most important issues, over and over again the Christian community has the last say. If anything else- consider this situation. A young girl finds herself pregnant, and desperate. If she decides that she wants an abortion she will have one, no one will tell her otherwise. If abortion is illegal, then many young mothers will do what has been done before, and what in many cases is still going on today. They will resort to “back alley” abortions, which are highly dangerous and life threatening, instead of reporting to a hospital in confidence. And what if a mother gets caught? My question to pro life supporters is “What will you do to punish a young mother who just got an abortion?” Will they put her on trial for killing a human being and send her to jail for years at a time? Many people are stunted and say, “Well, no, she’s just a young girl” But that is your argument. You are saying it’s a crime to kill. So will you really sentence a young woman to jail for homicide? If you tell me that I have to have my unwanted baby, don’t worry about me. You did not make the mistake-it is not your burden to bear. It does not affect you on a daily bases. It affects me, my life.

I for one am tired of it. I am hoping that you Mr. Obama, will not be biased. I have faith that you will be practical, and that you will use your logical judgment, for the well-being of American women everywhere. Our human bodies are truly the only things that really belong to us. All of our possessions, even our thoughts can be stolen and taken away from us. But no one will ever have my face, my hands, and my eyes again-and no one can take my body away from me. This is why I feel so strongly about this. And this is why I am hoping you will legalize abortion, for the simple fact that someday women can do what they so choose with their own bodies.


One response to “Letter to Obama from Patty

  1. I want to start off by stating that I am pro-life.
    I am not here to argue endlessly over opinions, because that would get us nowhere. I am surprised to say that I actually enjoyed reading your letter. It helped give me an inside look on the reasonings for being pro-choice. I agree that it would be a lot safer to have an abortion done in the hospital, than on the street. I am not sure if my opinion has been changed, but thank you for giving me something to think about.

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