Dear Mr. President Obama,

We, as a country, need change. Of all the people I can think of I believe you know that more than anyone. The way that we have destroyed our economy and the economy of other countries needs to change. Our own troops slowly have been sinking into a mess faster than quick sand. What are we going to do with Iraq? Are we ever going to get out of there without leaving a mess that no one wants to clean up? We need to correct a few things in America and I think that you can do that.

First I would like to talk about Iraq. The whole reason we went in there is because we were supposed to destroy their weapons of mass destruction, guess what, they didn’t have any. Either that or they moved them before we could get to them. Whatever happened we ended up getting stuck there. Then we decide that we are going to capture and kill their horrible leader. OK. We did that, so now our troops are over there fighting a “war” that can’t be won. We need to fix what we have done, then get out. We were trying to make that country better and all we have done is make a mess of it. The sooner we can get them on there feet and get out of there the better. We are not only hurting them by staying there, but we are hurting ourselves.

Secondly, war. I believe there is no true point to war and that every time countries go to war it only makes things worse. What we need to do is set an example for the world showing that there is no need to go to war to solve things. We need to show that we can solve things by talking it out and maybe even making some sort of compromise. Unfortunately, there are always going to be one situation where there has to be war, but I think that America can set a good example if we are willing to try. The worst thing that could happen is that we don’t get anywhere. There is only one way we can go when we are down, that’s up. Also if we stopped having so many wars we wouldn’t need to fund them and we can use that money on something more important. Something like getting our economy back into shape.

The economy, there’s a huge subject. How we are going to fix it is what we need to concentrate on. We tried giving money to bail out banks on Wall Street. That didn’t go as we planned. We need something new. There is a cycle in business. Almost like the circle of life. A small business gets created, it grows, and grows, and just when it’s at the top of its game, it crashes. When we attempt to save the big businesses it didn’t help much. Maybe, its time for those big companies to crash so that the smaller companies will have a chance to grow and crash also.

We need change. It might take some time but if we can get to were we are back on our feet then, that will not only be better for us, but for the world. I would like you, as our new President, to really think about what we need, then go get it done. We have run out of time to delay. We need to rethink and get to work. If we can find a way to make things better then I think that the people of America will be willing to help. It’s your chance to make a difference.


Another face in the crowd


4 responses to “Sascha

  1. But we arnt fighting a war over in Iraq. We’re helping with reconstruction. Our troops are there to protect against insurgeants as we help make Iraq stable.

    Hi Sascha! :p

  2. sashca!!! sorry i don’t agree with your opinons on war…….the reason we went over to iraq is to find and kill the bad guys that killed thousands of innocent americans on 9/11…..yes we got the main man and killed him…but there are still thousands of bad guys that , if we dont get them , they will continue to kill more of our innocent people…thats all i can think of to say right now ….but ill think of sumthin later and tell u….
    ttyl sashca

  3. I wish I could remember what I typed…but here it goes…lol….

    – First of all, the reason we went to iraq is because on september 11, 2001 some terroists came into our territory and killed thousands of innnocent lives in a building and on planes…and we went over to iraq to find the master brains of this and kill them and their helpers to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Secondly, I know most of the media is saying nothing but bad stuff is happing in iraq , but that is not true! there have been so many good things happing there. Our troops have become friends to many of the civilians and we have helped that nation go from a not free society to having some freedom. Once we finish the job they may be completely free…who knows maybe their women and girls wont have to even wear lots of heavy clothes anymore,,,because of fear that the men will beat them and that they will never be allowed to speak their peace ,etc. America has helped to change that world over there, and we will continue help them if we are kept over there to finish the job. Also, you cannot talk to terrorists….They dont care about your life, they dont even care about there life ,just like 9/11 they will bomb /kill themselves if it means they will murder you as well. Would you rather fight the bad guys over there , or have them come over to our nation killing our people and try to fight them at the same time.? ….The economy,,,,your right this is a big subject, obama’s plan to make the government bigger is the worst thing he could do right now! That is just going to raise taxes and we already pay more than enough for that… lower class and middle class people are just going to get poorer and poorer while rich get richer and richer. If he allows the government to get bigger we will loose some of our power as civilians to make money (with things like small businesses)… the government will just take over ….until this enconomy crisis is fixed the right way….

    lastly, with all due respect; Obama says he’s going to bring change to America, he never said good change….his plans for America is just not what will help us right now.

    from westie

  4. Ok Westie I’ve read both your comments and no offense but they fail. I’m not sure where you get your facts but alot are false. I dont have time to correct them at this moment so all I can say is do more research. And dont go Obama bashing just because you dont like him. He’s our President now so you might as well respect him cause theres no turning back.

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