Dear Mr. President,

I would like to congratulate you on your victory. I think that it is obvious that we have issues in our country. Some things that I think our country needs to address are war, gas prices, and the economy.

Furthermore, the war in Iraq is putting our country in a lot of trouble. The cost of the war is outrageous; we have spent over one billion dollars in the war. What are we fighting for; our country has no idea what we are fighting for. Soldiers are dying, and many come back injured. And I think that our country really needs to get out of there.
Are gas prices going to stay the way they are or just go right back where they were? Gas prices dropped tremendously over the past six to seven months. And why was oil so expensive, experts say that we have plenty of oil to go around and there is no reason for the gas prices to be so high, but then other experts say that we are in short supply of oil and we need to find an alternative fuel source like electricity. Why aren’t we building oil refineries to make our own oil instead of wasting all of our money in Iraq we could be building refineries all over and we could make more off shore oil mines?
Last of all we have many issues with our economy that we need to take care of. People are losing their jobs for no reason just because the company isn’t making any money, and it’s harder to find a job. At my work our hourly wage was cut ten percent which is a lot if you think about it. Another serious problem with our economy is our middle class. George Bush has destroyed our middle class there is only upper and lower anymore. Bailouts are happening all the time we bailed out AIG for seven hundred million, and we also bailed out the Ford, GM, and Chrysler.

In conclusion I hope that you, Mr. President, will address our problems with our economy, our troubles with the war, and our messed up gas prices while you are office.


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