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Environmental and Economic Concerns

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on your victory. I am positive that this country has made the right decision in electing you as our next president. I have faith in your abilities to lead us through these tough economic times and toward a brighter future. During your presidency, I would like to see American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan brought home, more job opportunities created to help ease the troubled economy, and a much greater effort to protect our environment.

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Sara’s Letter to The President

Dear President  Barack Obama,

I write to you from a high school classroom in Sarasota, FL. I know I may not be the most educated or government savvy person you’ll hear from, but I feel that my opinions and views on the country are just as important as the next persons’. I want to begin by informing you of how overjoyed I am that you were elected into the white house as our forty-fourth president. I feel that you’re not only competent and capable of taking on our country’s biggest issues, but I wholeheartedly trust you to listen to everyone’s opinions and what matters to them. So I have taken it upon myself to write to you about the things that matter most to me. I would like to tell you about my views on gay rights, abortion and ways we can help protect our environment.
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