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What Changes?

Dear Mr. Obama
As our next president you promise to make this country a better place through hope and change. Change this country definitely needs, but change isn’t always a good thing. Continue reading

Vivian’s letter on Education

Dear Barack Obama,

Here are some things that I should spend some time fixing in your first term. I’m a Junior at Booker High School in Florida. I have a lot of concerns about education even though I will be graduating soon. My education is very important to me because without that you won’t get far in life. These are some of my concerns about education as they effect me.

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A Better America

Dear President Barack Obama,

I would like to address some issues that have come to my concern. These issues are gay rights, health care, and education.

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Obama: Help Our Education.

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I am from a small city were education is not just a problem for me but is a problem to other students and parents. When I was in the six grade I was stuck either sharing a textbook with a student or two, or having to give my textbook or workbook to another student to take home and do their work because our school was not eligible to give us more school supplies. I for one as a Booker high school student love my education. I always said I wanted to be a lawyer,  but when I go to my school library to look more into my career the books are torn or were drawn in. Issues that I want to address do to the lack of education are: the lack of school supplies and poor materials, and the fact that some schools are in bad shape.

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A Floridian Speaks

Dear President.Obama

Congratulations in being the first African American president. I am a student in Florida, and I have a problem I would like you to at least recognize. First the cut backs in the school boards are too much. The minimum wage is also hard to live with; I wish you could raise it so living in comfort is affordable. I also think gay marriage should be legal.

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Put Education First

Dear President-Elect Obama,

My name is Kaylyn, and I am a ninth grader at Booker High School in Sarasota, Florida. I am writing to you to express my concerns about how money is spent in our government, and that we should be concentrating on making our education system the best in the world. We use a lot of money on war and weapons and stuff that should be stopped instead of important things that help our country. I think that the money would be better spent on schools and education so that we can do more as a nation to compete on a world wide scale. Government spending should be used for more important things, not promoting useless violence.

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The Issues

Dear President Obama,

            If you haven’t noticed, this country has many issues. I am writing to you about the issues that concern me most. These problems are abortion, the lack of money in schools, and the negative affects of war. I hope you take the time the address these issues, for I am sure many other people have the same concerns as me.

            Well, first of all, I would like to take the time to tell you about abortion. In my opinion abortion is wrong. Honestly, I think that abortion should be outlawed. It is the act of taking the life of another human being. I mean, if murder is illegal, shouldn’t abortion also be illegal? I also think that people should learn from their mistakes instead of taking the easy way out.

            Next, Mr. Obama, I feel there should be more money in schools. The money could be used to help art programs in schools. There are many talented students who need a chance to show off. Also, let’s face it; school food has no nutritional value what so ever. More money could help bring healthier food to the starving youth of our nation. Finally, better educational tools could help lead to improving test scores from students across the nation.

            The last issue I would like to address is war. I think the war in Iraq should be stopped. This would teach future generations to solve problems peacefully. Also, there wouldn’t be so many people in America losing loved ones who are soldiers. America would become, overall, a more positive country.

            So, as you can see, I have some concerns that I am very sure other people have as well. I think if you solve these problems as president, America would be a much better country.