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Dear President…

Dear President Obama,

There are three issues that are important to me; the war against terror, helping the poor, and gay rights.

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Ronald’s Letter to the President

Dear President Elect Obama,

There are many things going on that need immediate attention and I feel that Immigration and gay rights are two of the most important. These are important if you wish for the economy to succeed. Continue reading

Detriments to Humanity

Dear President Barack Obama

To start off I am very pleased with your victory in becoming our new president. I have concerns that I hope you will be kind enough to pay respect to. I would like to mention problems with marijuana, gay rights , and global warming that are making great consequences for our country. Continue reading

A Better America

Dear President Barack Obama,

I would like to address some issues that have come to my concern. These issues are gay rights, health care, and education.

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Amberlynn Writes to the President

Dear Mr. President,

My letter is about gay rights, abortion, and gas prices with lots of ideas with them. I’m from Sarasota Florida at Booker High school and I would really appreciate if you would take the time to read about what I have to say.

My first issue is gay rights. Gay marriage should be legal because people say it’s not what the person looks like it’s what inside of them and I for one really like that saying. Love is love doesn’t matter if you’re the same sex. And if someone comes out and tells people their gay they should not be discriminated against and people say that its not right because its not in the bible well if we listened to everything that came out of the bible do you think that in this day in age people would be killing people, selling drugs. Yeah I don’t think so.

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Chelsea Speaks to the President

Dear President,

I am glad that you won the election. I really got into politics this year. Here are some things that I would like to address with you. One of the things that I am glad you support is a woman’s right to choose. The thing that I didn’t like about Mr. McCain is that he changed his mind about supporting the right for a woman to get an abortion. No one wants a child to die, however life is complicated and these decisions are not always so simple. I also support gay rights as I regard homosexuals to be the same as any human being. My final issue that I would like to talk about is your tax plan. I think it’s going to make our country’s economy get even worse.
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Hit at Home with Savanna

Dear Mr. President

Hello, my name is Savanna. This year has been an important year for me in politics because I actually started to listen. My main concern is homosexual rights. This is a topic that hits home with me. Another concern I have is abortion. This is a concern to me because I’m pro-choice and I feel strongly that women should have the right to decide about their own bodies and something so personal.

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