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Environmental and Economic Concerns

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on your victory. I am positive that this country has made the right decision in electing you as our next president. I have faith in your abilities to lead us through these tough economic times and toward a brighter future. During your presidency, I would like to see American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan brought home, more job opportunities created to help ease the troubled economy, and a much greater effort to protect our environment.

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Ronald’s Letter to the President

Dear President Elect Obama,

There are many things going on that need immediate attention and I feel that Immigration and gay rights are two of the most important. These are important if you wish for the economy to succeed. Continue reading

Manuel Writes

Dear President Elect Obama,

It has come to my attention that there are some very important issues in the U.S. and I am concerned.  Some of my concerns are the economy , immigration and also, like many other people my age, abortion. The school I go to, Booker High School, is unlike any typical high school.
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Brett- Letter to Obama

Dear President Obama,

I would like to congratulate you on winning the election. Now there are some problems in our economy that I am sure you are aware of, but I want you to see my view and take my reasons into consideration. They are the war in Iraq, school budget cuts, and illegal immigration. These are topics I believe need to be acted upon.
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A Plea for Help

Dear Mr. Obama,

Being the new president can be tough. One bad decision can inflict a heavy wound on the nation (and your new found reputation). But never fear! You have 2 billion people on your side to ease your stress with your choices for our nation. We still have some issues that need to be resolved. As one of those 2 billion people, all I ask for you is to hear our pleas and sufferings.

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Dear President Obama

I will like to take a few moments to write to you about immigration but mostly about the embargo that the United States of America have on Cuba. The embargo is having a very bad effect to the people that live in and out of Cuba. Families are being spread out because of the separation that they have .The Cuban families are almost starving because the situation that is going on Cuba right now is really bad, because the families that don’t have any one that lives out of the country is having a really bad live because they don’t have enough resources such as food, because of the monetary issues.

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Jenna Speaks Out

Dear President  Obama,

I congratulate you on your success on making it into office as our President! Since you will be leading the way our nation goes, I would like to discuss some opinions and concerns of mine about our beloved and honored country, America. My concerns are regarding the war in Iraq, the economy, and the rights to abortions. These are the most important issues to me regarding our nation.

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