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You Are the Man

Dear President Barack Obama,

We volunteered. We prayed. We celebrated. Congratulations on your historic victory. It’s amazing how a man of your background rose above the ranks to one of the highest positions in our government. You’re living the dream. You have a beautiful family, a new house with a view and a job that can lead our country into a new and bright direction. With this job comes much responsibility, more than your previous political positions have allotted you. I believe that you are the man for the job, however, a few views of yours, the troops coming home and education, are easier said than done.

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Brent to Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I have three issues concerning my country, the United States of America. I would like to have these issues looked from my point of view. The issues that I want to focus on age limits, war, and the laws and regulations concerning guns. The United States could be a safer, yet more fun place if it were more safe. I think that laws or rules should be changed to keep the United States happy and safe.

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Obama v.s. Gas Prices and Iraq War

Mr. President,

I know that for the campaign, your slogan was, “Change We Need,” but do you have any idea what that interprets to us? It tells us that you will take care of us; our needs. It says to us that you will be the kind of president that is for lowering gas prices. Also it implies that you would do something, anything, about the war in Iraq. Is that what you meant to say? Is this what you plan to do?
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